Over the last few years Calvary316 has partnered with Pastor Ramon and his church in Sandino, Cuba to bring the Gospel to the Cuban people. If you don’t know where Sandino is located… It’s a coastal town of about 13,000 located on the far western side of the island about 4 hours from Havana. Over the last few years not only have we been able to purchase a new home for Ramon and his family, but we’ve helped fund the building of a new sanctuary on the same property (it’s illegal to build a stand-alone church building so you have to build large house-churches).

Since this endeavor began the church in Sandino has doubled in size leading Pastor Ramon to expand his vision into the surrounding region. Because transportation in the rural parts of Cuba is so limited, Ramon has been raising up leaders and sending them to start Bible studies all over the area. This one church is now beginning to impact an entire region for the Gospel! God is truly at work and the sky is the limit to what can be accomplished with the necessary funds.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of the work God is doing and ways you might be able to partner with us, please watch the video below where Pastor Zach presented a report to the church of his recent trip to Cuba. This video not only recaps the trip itself, introduces you to Ramon and his family, explains how Calvary316 is helping a local ministry spread of the Gospel in Cuba, but lays out a vision for our greater involvement moving forward. Note: The video contains pictures from their trip as well as a special message from Pastor Ramon and his wife Kenia.

If you are interested in going with us to Cuba, would like to partner with Calvary316 in this exciting opportunity, are interesting in setting up a reoccurring donation, or would simply like more information, please email Pastor Zach at [email protected].

Please note… While the donation itself will be allocated to Calvary316 church so you can receive a tax deduction for your gift, we assure you that your financial gift will be designated separate from the general fund. Rest assured that 100% of your donation will be used to either send medical supplies, hire local Cubans to continue the construction on the church or pay for materials, supplement Pastor Ramon’s salary, secure much needed items for the children’s ministry, or help send people to mule these items into Cuba. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution.